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Welcome to 360Votes’s free www Redirect Checker!

Redirection is the process where one page or URL leads to another URL. These links need to be inspected and the response code that it generates should be reported and recorded as well. Manually carrying out this process can be rather cumbersome. Thus, a www Redirect Checker is the best way to carry out all the checks.

Our free www Redirect Checker helps in identifying the number of redirects used by a website. This tool also helps to track down where the affiliate link heads to, which affiliate network is involved in the process, and to test whether the URL redirect to an authentic website.

While it seems like an important tool for internet user so as to avoid spam or malicious websites, it is also instrumental to webmasters as they can test out the redirects available on their page. Having an affiliate network that correctly redirects from site to site improves the page’s health and reliability, thereby boosting the page performance.

How to Use: Enter the URL or copy and paste it into the empty field below. Click on “Submit” to see a comprehensive list of various HTTP redirects available on the page and their status.

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