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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Welcome to 360Votes’s free Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator!

Different devices make use of different screen resolutions. To offer a premium user experience, webmasters test their website on various standardized screen resolutions to ensure that the screen is clearly visible and no content is obscured. Once you can observe your screen in different settings, you can optimize it so that the display is uniform and consistent across devices. It not only adds to the appeal of your website but also makes the display of text, graphics, images, and page layout user-friendly.

Our skilled technicians have created this free Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator that helps in checking the different formats of screen resolution.With this tool, webmasters no longer have to fiddle around with manual controls and expend their time in achieving favorable results.

How to Use: To use our responsive webpage screen resolution simulator, enter or copy and paste the URL of your website in the space given below. Select from the standard screen resolution sizes that you wish to view your page in and click on the “Check” button. You will be redirected to a live site with the chosen screen resolution to surf your website.

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