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About Suspicious Domain Checker

Welcome to 360Votes’s free Suspicious Domain Checker!

The internet is a wonderful place. At the same time, the internet is also riddled with potential threats that can infect your device, steal identity, access confidential information, or perform illicit transactions from your account. There is an abundance of suspicious domains available all over the internet. A link to a spam website or a malicious link on your page can dent your ranking and decrease the credibility of the site.Furthermore, as a webmaster, it is your responsibility to ensure safety of your audience for which you should make sure that your domain is safe.

We believe that the internet needs to be a safe space for all users and in the pursuit of this goal, we have partnered with AVG Antivirus to create a free Suspicious Domain Checker. We record and maintain a database of all fishy websites from various sources and categorize them.

How to Use: Enter or copy and paste the complete URL of the website in the empty field given below. You can enter as many as 20 URLs in the field. Click on the “Submit” button to check the domain name and the site status immediately.

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