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Welcome to 360Votes’s free Search Engine Spider Simulator!

Search engines make use of bots, otherwise known as spiders, to crawl all the billions of websites available over the internet. It monitors the content available on the webpage and indexes it for the search engine queries. The indexed pages are used by search engines to help locate the page faster. However, unlike regular audience, that can be attracted using interactive components and media, spiders can only see the relevant site contents such as keywords, codes, and more. Thus, to ensure that your page ranks high on the search engines, you need to understand the behavior and movement of a spider.

It would be difficult to understand the algorithm followed by search engine spiders and how they come to index webpages. Furthermore, different search engines follow different algorithms and have different criteria of items that help in ranking a page. Thus, the best way to do so would be through a free Search Engine Spider Simulator such as ours! Once you can understand the search engine spider’s behavior, you can optimize your page and its content to help the spider notice your site more prominently.

How to Use: Enter or copy and paste the complete URL of your website into the empty field given below. Click on the “Submit” button to trigger the simulator. You will get a comprehensive report on the Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, and the Tags that the Search Engine Spider can read along with a list of indexable links and readable text content. With this knowledge, you can make appropriate changes to optimize your page.

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