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Welcome to 360Votes’s free Google Malware Checker tool!

While the internet offers you connectivity to a host of information, it also makes you vulnerable to a range of virtual attacks. Much like an average internet user, even websites are susceptible to online threats caused by viruses, malwares, phishers, and scammers. One needs to have a software that can detect these malicious scripts and malwares incorporated in certain websites to stay protected from such threats.

We wish to make the internet a safer place and thus, we have developed a Google Malware Checker. This is a free online malware checker tool that helps to figure out if a website is safe, including the one that you own. Conducting a regular malware check will not only ensure that your website enjoys a reliable reputation but also is safe from any security attacks.

How to Use: Copy and paste the site’s complete URL of your website into the empty field given below. Click on “Submit” to check out the safe browsing status of your site.

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