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Welcome to 360Votes’s free Website Screenshot Generator!

If your website has been hit by a malware or just a regular technical snag, it may be possible that it will bring down your website. The audience member who will report this issue may not be well-versed with the technical knowledge to elucidate the problem. So the best way to understand the issue and have it communicated to you is by asking the site visitor a screenshot of the website.

Different keyboards and laptops have different configurations, owing to which taking a screenshot may not be consistent or uniform process. Explaining the process can be quite exhausting and frustrating for you and the reader. Thus, the quickest way to grab a screenshot would be using an online tool to do it for you. Similarly, you could also use the online website screenshot generator to grab images of your site screen.

To simplify this process of taking screenshots, we have created the free Website Screenshot Generator tool, which will not only allow you to grab but also save screenshots on your system easily. As a webmaster, you can share this tool so that your users can take images and send it to you in case they notice an anomaly on your website without feeling harassed.

How to Use: Enter the URL or copy and paste it into the empty field given below. Click on the “Submit” button to get a screenshot of the live website. You may download and save the image by clicking on the “Download Screenshot” button.

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