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About Google Cache Checker

Welcome to 360Votes’s free Google Cache Checker!

Webmasters need to make use of Google Cache Checker to see if their website has been cached by Google. Cache stores website information such as HTML code on temporary basis for any future use. Thus, the generation of search engine results takes place through the Google Cache and knowing if your website is features in the Google Cache means that it will rank in the results. All the links that have been indexed by Google also show in Google Cache.

With 360Votes’s Google Cache Checker tool, you can determine whether your website and pages are ranking in the Google’s search index. Use this free Google Cache Checker tool to see whether your web page has been cached by the search engine. This tool promptly checks the Google page cache of the particular web page. It is an efficient way to see if the webpage has been indexed in Google or not.

How to Use: You just have to copy and paste the web page’s URL or Uniform Resource Locator in the respective space and then hit the Check button. The results will show up on the screen within a couple of moments.

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