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A website hosting service provider offers website owners and web masters the technologies and related services to get the website up and running for viewing on the internet. The online business provides storage space for all the documents, databases, and website pages in addition to the mailing services and optimization for faster loading of pages.They deal with any activities related to the upkeep of the website to maintain that it is accessible 24/7. If the website encounters any problem, they take on the technical aspects of server-related issues.Basically, it helps the website owners in maintaining an active website over the internet.

We offer you a quick and easy free domain hosting checker that allows you to know the hosting party for any website. Thus, if your website encounters any issue, you may directly contact them and bring the issue to their notice. As a reader, if you come across any website that contains objectionable content or copyright infringement, you may identify the domain host and ask them to remove the offending material.

How to Use: To find out the website host, enter or copy and paste the complete URL of the concerned website and click on the “Submit” button to find the name of the Hosting Provider and the IP.

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