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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Welcome to 360Votes’s free Code to Text Ratio Checker!

As the name suggests, the Code to Text Ratio Checker tests the ratio of the textual matter to the webpage code. It is the percentage of the content that is visible to the user compared to the HTML coding required to set up the page. The HTML code also includes the media contents such as backlinks or images. The text and the code help the search crawlers understand the website content and the relevancy of it to the search results. Websites that have a high code to text ratio has a better chance of ranking high on the search engine results. Thus, knowing the code to text ratio will help you gain an advantage over your competitor.

Our free Code to Text Ratio Checker can help you get the percentage of the actual text in comparison to the percentage of the HTML code of the page. It offers a reliable code to text ratio in a matter of a few seconds. Once you have the information on whether your code or your text is on the heavier side, you can work towards increasing or decreasing to get the optimum result. With the results in hand, webmasters can fine tune and speed up the web page loading speed.

How to Use: Enter or copy and paste the complete URL of your website into the empty field given below. Click on the “Submit” button to get the Code to Text ratio with the respective sizes of the Text Content and the HTML size.

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