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About Class C Ip Checker

Welcome to 360Votes’s free Class C IP Checker!

Every device that is connected to the internet bears a unique 32-bit binary address that is known as the IP address. The IP address of the device helps the network elements and other devices to identify and locate your device in the network. The main IP address is composed of two sub-addresses that help in the identification of the network and the networking host. The Class C IP is by far the most popular IP class and has the first two bits set to 1 while the third bit is set at 0. Class C IP addresses range from starting value of to Shared hosting service providers often make use of Class C IP addresses for its clients.

Our free Class C IP Checker helps in testing whether or not the same Class C IP hosts various domain. It is used to locate the various websites that are making use of duplicate IP addresses. When it comes to shared hosting, it may be possible that different websites may be sharing the same IP. This duplication of IP address can damage your website ranking especially when the other website is a spam or a malicious website. Our tool will allow you to identify and locate the duplicate websites and ensure that they are not impacting your site.

How to Use: Enter or copy and paste the complete URL of your website into the empty field given below. You may enter as many as 40 domains per cycle. Each of the domains must be separately input on different lines. Click on the “Submit” button to check the Class C IP address.

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