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Welcome to 360Votes’s free Broken Links Finder!

Broken links are that links which rather than taking you to the designated webpage, take you to a webpage that displays a 404 error message. Broken links are bad for the SEO and can lead to a negative impact on your site’s reputation. If your website has a lot of broken links, then people will not find your website reliable. These broken links often have a bad impact on the website’s search engine rankings. However, it would be difficult to manually scour your entire website to weed out the broken links.

With the help of the free Broken Links Finder tool, you can check the broken links on the website. You may have broken links on your page due to the change in the target web page’s permalink or unavailability of the permalink. It may also be because of the deletion of the destination page. Finding it will be a lot easier with our free Broken Links Finder tool. You can also use this tool to find broken links in a high authority page and bring it to the notice of the site administrator. In lieu of this help, the webmaster may even offer you a backlink for the help.So, just use the Broken Links Finder to find out the links that are broken.

How to Use: Enter or copy and paste the complete URL of your website into the empty field given below. Click on the “Submit” button, the tool will crawl through your website and process all the links. The tool will offer you an elaborate list of all the links and their status code with the status.

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